Name Change – Bharat for India?

Know in detail: Possible Name Change: Bharat for India.

On Tuesday, the government made an interesting move by releasing G20 dinner invitations that addressed the recipient as the “President of Bharat” instead of the usual “President of India.” This simple change sparked some speculations about a potential shift in the country’s official name from “India” to “Bharat.”

Know more – Name Change – Bharat for India

This debate around the country’s name isn’t new. Back in 2020, a resident of Delhi took this matter to the Supreme Court, expressing his belief that replacing “India” with “Bharat” or “Hindustan” could foster a deeper sense of national pride.

In his plea, he argued, “Getting rid of the English name, although symbolic, could boost our connection to our own nationality, especially for the generations to come. In fact, substituting ‘India’ with ‘Bharat’ would honor the hard-won freedom secured by our forefathers.”

The plea highlighted that this sentiment was not new; it harked back to the 1948 Constituent Assembly debate on Article 1 of the then draft Constitution, which showed substantial support for naming the country “Bharat” or “Hindustan.”

The plea further emphasized that the time was ripe to acknowledge the country by its original and authentic name, “Bharat,” particularly when our cities have undergone name changes to align with the Indian cultural identity.

The Supreme Court had considered this plea and requested the government to treat it as a representation from concerned citizens. Notably, during the proceedings, the Bench, led by the then Chief Justice of India, S A Bobde, pointed out that the Constitution already mentions the country as “Bharat.”

The plea essentially seeks to amend Article 1 of the Constitution to officially refer to the nation as “Bharat/Hindustan,” excluding the term “India.” This development opens up a fascinating conversation about the country’s identity and the sentiments associated with its name.

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