“Revolutionary Breakthrough: Bid Farewell to Charging Plugs – Discover the Game-Changing Technology for EV Charging!”

Key Problems

  • Lack of sufficient public charging stations.
  • Long charging time.

The above mentioned problems are stopping people from buying EV cars. And these problems must be addressed if we want more people to buy EV and put a stop on petroleum run vehicles.

A San Francisco based start-up, ‘Ample’ is trying to solve this problem. Ample is has already started the operations of its convenient electric vehicle charging and Plug less EV charging that can prove to be Charging station alternatives in the coming times.

Future of electric vehicle charging is by eliminating charging cables. And the way ‘Ample’ does it is also very thoughtful. Ample is building battery swapping stations, instead of battery charging stations. It is a very unique concept. EV cars drive in to small parking slot sized space built by Ample. Then the magic happens. The vehicle is lifted up and machinery below unplugs the discharged battery and replaced it with a fully charged one. This process saves at least 30 min. to an hour time of the EV driver.

Of course, not every EV can drive in to Ample’s battery swapping stations. You can must be fitted with Ample’s modular battery packs first. Then only you can take the advantage of these stations. This company is still in its early days and a lot can be expected in the coming days.

It is quick, convenient and cheap. Many California based uber drivers have started enjoying the advantage Ample’s battery swapping stations offer.

Read more on Ample’s Website.

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