Kizhoor Village – Journey to Recognition

Unlocking the Past: Kizhoor Village – Journey to Recognition

Picture this: a tiny village called Kizhoor, nestled within the Mangalam constituency. It might not be a household name, but it played a significant role in history. Back in the day, on October 18, 1954, something quite monumental happened here. A historic referendum took place, and it changed the fate of not just Kizhoor, but also the entire region.

Know More Kizhoor Village – Journey to Recognition

So, here’s the deal. Remember those days when some territories were under French control? Yep, Puducherry, Karaikal, Yanam, and Mahe were all part of it. But, the tide was turning. India had gained independence in 1947, and the French were starting to think about letting go of their hold. It wasn’t until that pivotal referendum in Kizhoor that the French officially decided to hand over control of these territories to India.

Fast forward to today, and Kizhoor still hasn’t received the recognition it truly deserves. Even though it was the place where the seeds of change were sown, it’s not in the spotlight. There’s a shed there, where representatives voted for the merger with India. Inside, you’ll find some important pictures – even one of the first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru, participating in the events that led to Puducherry’s liberation.

But here’s the thing: this place only comes alive twice a year, on November 1 and August 16. The rest of the time, it’s almost forgotten. Sure, there’s a museum, but it’s open just two days a year. People like S. Ravichandran, who lives there, feel that Kizhoor’s significance is fading away.

Kizhoor Village – Basic Details

Population (2011)Total: 2,955
LanguagesOfficial: French, Tamil, English
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
PIN Code605 106
Telephone code0413
Vehicle registrationPY-01

Possible upcoming UNESCO heritage site – Kizhoor Village

Economist turned politician M. Ramadass agrees. He believes that Kizhoor deserves way more attention. Not just an asbestos shed and a plaque, but a proper monument that commemorates its historical importance. He even suggests turning it into a UNESCO heritage site!

Ramalingam from Pondicherry University adds that Kizhoor could be a fantastic tourist spot. A sound and light program, village tourism, buses from town – all of this could breathe new life into the place and make it an attraction for everyone.

Mr. Ramadass has another idea – he envisions the village of Sivaranthagam as a model village, thriving with the benefits of government schemes. Imagine a place that shines with development, showing the world that Kizhoor’s legacy lives on.

Freedom brought dreams of growth, and if Kizhoor, the heart of Puducherry’s independence, can showcase its growth, then it truly stands as a beacon of progress and history.

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