Light weight tanks: A new investment for India and China for highest altitude disputes.

As the disputed border of India and China still remains tense, both side are building more infrastructure and sending more soldiers to the border.

This is a high altitude strategic warfare in which defence investment in military technology plays one of the key roles for dominance for both countries after repeated rounds of talks over disengagement has failed. China has deployed light weight tanks as a part of its defence modernisation.

These light weight armoured vehicles are capable of warfare at highest altitudes, where conventional heavy tanks suffer to even move. Seeing China deploy these light weight tanks, India has invested in developing its own fleet of these light weight tanks to level the warzone hotspots.

India and China are not the only country that are investing in these Light weight tank as their military technology modernisation. Reportedly, US and Japan are also looking up for this defence investment as these light weight tanks have higher speed and manoeuvrability and at a much lower cost of operation.

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