Netflix’s TOP 10 Series and Movies in INDIA

Netflix, the name needs no introduction. But, the most difficult part of Netflix is deciding what to watch. Sometimes we take more than 30 minutes shuffling through the thumbnails and trailers and then finally switch off the TV or exit the mobile app without watching anything. The OTT giant has a region-wise top 10 list for series and movies. Here are the current top 10, just for your ease so that you can decide which one to watch. So read on.

TOP 10: Series in India

Never Have I Ever

It is a Teen Drama, with 4 seasons and 40 episodes. This series shows the complicated life of an Indian-American teenager, Devi Vishwakumar, showing the comedy of growing up in a very sweet, hilarious, and honest way. People have loved and enjoyed the way Devi deals with issues of slowly turning into an adult in Season 1.

In Season 2, you can see how the characters move forward in life and how some grief and sadness in life get carried on as well. All the characters especially Devi, learn and grow over time which is very relatable and exciting to watch. Even though you are a grown-up now, probably in college or working in an office, taking a dive back into those innocent days with this series is totally worth your time.

Season 3 comes after a very successful 2 seasons. You can feel that the actors and the characters share an amazing chemistry. The lead character, Devi, has suffered a lot that has made her grow as a person, she gets stronger in this season and the way she and her friends develop mature thoughts and actions is very satisfying. It still remains a very amazing mixture of Comedy and Heartfelt moments. 

In season 4, our characters are in their senior year now and they keep that real feeling towards dealing with issues in very unusual and unexpected ways. They still punch those jokes at such great timing. This season is a goodbye to a very complicated yet very satisfying show. Not many teen drama deals with such realism as addressed by this one. The 1st episode of this season is “…Lost My Virginity” You can check out the rest.


The shocking murder of a journalist thrusts a crime reporter into the nexus of police, media, and the Mumbai underworld as she fights for justice.

With 6 episodes in season 1, the lead character, Jagruthi Pathak, played by Karishma Tanna, is a suspect in the murder of another journalist. While everyone thinks that she might have used her contacts with the underworld to get her competitor murdered, she has to defend herself and prove her innocence. This show is a sneak peek into the journalism industry. The performances are really great and the plot is dense. Shows what is the news war and what a journalist has to go through in their life to pursue their scoop.

Black Mirror

With 6 seasons and 27 episodes, Black Mirror is an award-winning series. It can also be said to be one of the scariest series, not because it has vampires or ghosts or any such things. But it shows how we are constantly dependent on our phones, computers, and other advanced tech, and also how it can be easily misused against us if not monitored properly. Every episode is a new story and completely different. Each episode is a thought-provoking movie on its own with unthinkable twists. 

Blood Hounds

With 1 season and 8 episodes, this is the story of two young boxers who start working with a kind moneylender to take down a ruthless loan shark who preys on the financially desperate. A Korean drama with lots of action and fights.  


An airplane experiences severe turbulence during its few hours of flight but then lands safely. But soon they realized that, while they were in the plane five and a half years have passed. As the passengers slowly return to their normal life, nothing was the same. Their family and friends had moved on. The passengers also started seeing visions of events that are yet to happen. 

XO Kitty

Kitty is a teen matchmaker, who thinks she is an expert at love. But after she moves to South Korea to reunite with her long-distance boyfriend, she realizes that love is a lot more complex when it comes to dealing with her own feelings.


A father (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and daughter find out that they both work for the CIA. Then an already twisted mission turns out into a family affair. Daddy issues, lifestyle issues, past grudges, and how they both have lied to each other for years but how they get through all of it and how they get the mission done, is a fun watch.

The Good Bad Mother

A lawyer had a tragic accident and a loss of memory. He has memories of only his childhood now and thinks that he is a child. So he goes with his mother on a journey to heal their relationship and issues.


We all know Wednesday, daughter of the Adams family. It is still trending on social media and is a recommended watch.

Fake Profile

This series with 1 season and 10 episode has Erotic scenes and easy going plot. You do not have to think a lot, even if the story lines are serious. Over all an okay watch.


TOP 10: Movies in India

Extraction 2

After surviving the last mission, Tyler (Chris Hemsworth) retired from the missions job he used to do. But again he was approached by a stranger with a mission to extract his family from a secure prison. Things get bad from here. This part offers a little peep into the past of Tyler. 

This part is a complete new story, not linked to the previous mission. And it’s totally worth watching. If you have not watched the first part, you can do that too. 


A murder investigation movie that gets really complicated when the police finds out that there are two people who look exactly the same. And they both did not know about each other. Arjun Roy Kapoor is in dual role. The movie is based on a 2019 Tamil language film ‘Thadam’. If you like crime thriller, then it is a movie for you. 

Black Clover

If you are into Manga based Anime, then it is a movie just for you. This anime film has magic, elves, demons, grimoires and a kingdom to protect. It is a story of how two characters, one born prodigy in magic and one born without it, join hands to save the clover kingdom. 


Chris Hemsworth, audio famous for his role as ‘Thor’, is on a mission to save the son of a drug lord. The boy has been kidnapped for ransom. After extreme fight scenes involving guns, bombs, knives and cars, he was able to extract the boy but gets shot and falls in the river. 

Tu Jhoothi Mai Makkaar

A businessman has a secret side hustle. He makes break-ups happen and for painless break-ups, he charges extra. He eventually falls in love but in the plot twist, his to-be wife hires him for their break-up unaware who the break-up guru actually is. With a good special entry by Karthik Aryan, it is a good movie.


A science friction movie based in future. The story revolves around a pilot named Mils. He has a ill daughter. To manage a cure for her illness, he takes up a two year space exploration mission. His space ship hits an asteroid and falls on an unknown planet. He finds out that it was earth but 65 million years ago. With amazing visuals, a good plot, lots of fighting with the dinosaurs you can find into it to see if he was able to save himself.


2 kathals (Jack fruit) from the house of an MLA got stolen. And it was upto the local police to find the kathals. With the funny, quirky and good storyline inspector Mahima played by Sanya Malhotra who stumbled upon a case that seemed more important than finding kathals and how she manages to sort out mess. Good watch.


Just like other scream movies, this one is a horror, thriller, US based teen movie. It has lot of slaughter, deaths, FBI, teen trying to escape and reunite. Netflix labels this movie as ‘violent’.

Mrs. Chatterjee vs Norway

Based on a true story, this movie shows the problems of an Indian family living in Norway. The movie shows the strength of a mother and her never backing down, never giving up attitude to get her children wrongfully taken away from her by the Norway Child Welfare agency. Will Mrs. Chatterjee get her children back, amidst unsupportive husband, unfavourable govt. policies, and in-laws who create drama? It is a must watch, heart touching movie.

Spider-Man: Into the spider verse.

This is the story of ‘Miles Morales’ a new kid that gets the powers of Spider-Man. He gets bitten by a sliders that has come through a portal that converts multiverse. 

Many other spider-man come from the portal to fight ‘King Pin’ and stop his plan. By the end of the movie, Miles Morales fully takes up the mantle of Spider-Man. This movie has got a part two already. And there is a spider-man from India as well.

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