“North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un Orders Military Drills Amid Tensions”

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un Orders Military Drills Amid Tensions, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has urged the military to be prepared for war. In addition, he has also removed his top general from his position. According to a report from a Korean news agency, Kim Jong-un has given directives to increase military drills for the purpose of readiness due to escalating possibilities of conflict. The military has been ordered to conduct real war drills.

These directives were issued by Kim Jong-un after a military commission meeting on August 9th. On the same occasion, he removed General Pak Su Il and appointed Ri Yong Gil as the new military chief. Prior to this appointment, Ri Yong Gil had previously served as the country’s defense minister.

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un Orders Military Drills Amid Tensions : Know More

Kim Jong-un has emphasized the importance of producing all necessary weaponry to ensure preparedness for war. These measures have been taken in light of the upcoming military exercises between South Korea and the United States.

These military drills are scheduled to take place from August 21st to August 24th. North Korea has also issued a warning regarding these exercises. During the meeting, Kim Jong-un also provided essential instructions for the preparations of the upcoming military parade on September 9th.

Furthermore, Kim Jong-un recently visited arms factories where he observed rifle firing. He also visited factories where they make super-large rocket launchers and transporter-erector-launchers. He stressed that the modernization of essential smaller weaponry is vital for readiness.

It’s worth noting that the United States has sent its nuclear-powered submarines to South Korea as part of its efforts to bolster arms. The U.S. has deployed two nuclear-powered submarines in South Korea: the USS Annapolis and USS Kentucky.

In March, North Korea conducted testing of various missiles, including intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs). The nation publicly displayed its nuclear weapons for the first time. During this period, North Korea also indicated its intention to develop even more advanced nuclear weapons.

Nuclear experts believe that while North Korea’s nuclear weapons may be smaller in size, they still pose a significant threat when paired with intercontinental ballistic missiles. According to Professor Kyun Soo of Seoul National University, North Korea’s displayed nuclear weapons in March were larger compared to those shown in 2016, indicating significant progress in their nuclear weapon development efforts.

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