The Prime Minister will take part in the centenary celebrations of Delhi University, and will also gift the computer centre and education center to the university.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached Delhi University today, June 30, 2023, which is celebrating centenary celebrations on completion of its 100 years. The university has been fully decked up for the event. Saplings have also been planted at various places to welcome the Prime Minister.

PM reached DU by Delhi Metro

Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi used Delhi Metro to reach Delhi University. He used the Yellow Line train going towards Samaypur Badli station. Vishwavidyalaya Metro Station falls on this route and is the easiest way to reach the university campus. Not only this, he used Metro’s yellow card even when it was with tight security.

Interaction with students

He also interacted with the youth in the metro. During this journey he also tweeted “on the way to DU program by the Delhi metro. Happy to have the youngsters as my co passengers.” And also shared photos together.

Asked – “Which movie did you see…

Photo by Narendra Modi (Fb Page)

Which movie did you see? Which series is good on OTT? Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with the youth in Delhi Metro with such questions. According to him, traveling with friends while going to college is a different experience.

On the occasion of centenary celebrations of Delhi University, the Prime Minister will also lay the foundation stone of the computer center and technology center and the academic block to be built in the North Campus of the University.

Black dress is prohibited and there will be 100% attendance

 On this occasion, all the students of the university were forbidden to come in black clothes. They were allowed to come only in white and other colours. Also, attendance of all the students was made mandatory so that 100 percent attendance could be achieved.

There will be live streaming of the entire ceremony

Along with this, live streaming of this ceremony will be done in all the colleges of DU. It was made mandatory for the students of Hansraj College, Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar College and Zakir Hussain Delhi College to attend its live telecast.

Significantly, Delhi University has a total of 86 departments, 90 colleges and more than 600000 students. Delhi University was established on 1 May 1922.

Grand reception for the Prime Minister in the university

On reaching the university, the Prime Minister was welcomed with Saraswati Vandana. After that Professor Yogesh Singh, VC of Delhi University also read a special poem for Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Where do you find such Prime Ministers

 The professor also said “where do you find such prime ministers”. Along with this, he also described the Prime Minister as hardworking and a patriot. Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan was also welcomed.

Prime Minister’s address

Addressing the centenary celebrations of Delhi University, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the history of Delhi University is special. It is not just a university but a movement. This university has lived every movement in its long history.

The Prime Minister said that once there were only three colleges in Delhi University, but today there are more than 90, once the condition of India’s economy was very bad, but today it is in the top 5 economies, now the number of girls studying in this college is more than boys. This means that how deep the roots of the educational institutions are, the branches of the country also spread to that extent.

Modi told the importance of youth

The Prime Minister also said that the guiding force behind the educational institutions which are creating their new identity today is the youth of India. He also said that there was a time when youth used to think only about placement while taking admission in educational institutions, but today this thinking has changed, once the number of startups was just a name, but now its number is more than 100,000.

 Said that everything is possible with AI and VR

PM Modi said that AI and VR is no longer science fiction. From driver to surgery is possible with artificial intelligence.

PM Modi described the youth of India as the future of India. As soon as Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address to Delhi University came to an end, slogans of Jai Shri Ram started echoing in the campus there.

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