Why is ‘The Kerala Story’ not on any OTT platform yet?

They can be many reasons why a movie that has been generating a lot of interest since its release is still not on any of the major OTT platforms.

A few possible reasons can be:

Filmmakers might be asking for a really high price for the OTT rights. OTT platforms are in businesses and like any other business the OTT platforms also need to make a profit but if the filmmakers will ask for a really high price the OTT platforms might not be willing to pay for it.

The content might be too controversial for some OTT platforms. ‘The Kerala Story’ as we all know is a crime thriller that deals with some very sensitive topics. Some of those topics include child abuse and sexual violence. Some of the major OTT platforms just might not feel comfortable taking the rights to such movies.

Waiting for the appropriate offer.  it can also be possible that the filmmakers might just be waiting to receive a good offer for the film from the OTT platforms. Filmmakers might be anticipating that since the movie was a success at the box office this might help them negotiate for a better deal for the OTT rights.

These are just some possibilities, nevertheless, the public is waiting to see  where this movie ends up streaming eventually. This movie has been a point of interest since its release, after its release, and now for the OTT rights as well.

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