Yogi 4k Re-Release Collection

Introducing Yogi 4k Re-Release Collection – New Box Office Numbers and Exciting Updates!

Hey there, movie enthusiasts! We’re here to bring you all the buzz about the Yogi movie’s re-release and its fantastic box office journey. If you’re a fan of action-packed Telugu dramas, you might remember Yogi, which hit the screens on January 14th. Back then, it didn’t exactly set the box office on fire, managing to gather just Rs 13.12 crore in its opening week. Ouch, right?

Yogi Re-Release Collection – Details

Directed byV. V. Vinayak
Written byRajendra Kumar (dialogues)
Story byPrem
Based onJogi
Produced byP. Ravindranath Reddy
– Nayantara
– Kota Srinivasa Rao
– Pradeep Rawat
– Sharada
– Ali
CinematographySameer Reddy
Edited byGautham Raju
Music– Songs: Ramana Gogula
– Score: Gurukiran
Release date14 January 2007
Running time155 minutes
Box officeEstimated ₹25 crore (2007)
Details of Yogi 2007 and Yogi Re-Release 4k

Yogi 4k Re-Release Collection – Box Office Earning Day 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

This film had a change of fate. It got dubbed into Hindi and Malayalam, keeping its original name in those languages. However, when it made its way to the Tamil audience, it got a snazzy new title, “Murattu Thambi.” Now, fast forward to August 18, 2023, and guess what? Yogi is back, baby! It’s re-released, and word on the street is that this time it’s set to rake in much bigger bucks than before.

The whole idea of re-releasing Yogi came after the incredible success of the Bahubali sequel, featuring the dashing Prabhas. Following this cinematic triumph, Prabhas became the talk of the town, and this spotlight prompted the makers of Yogi to give it another shot at the box office. As of now, Yogi 4k Re-Release Collection, we don’t have all the juicy details about the earnings on Day 1 to Day 7 of the re-release, but we’re on the hunt for every bit of info. Once we’ve got the scoop, you bet we’ll be sharing it through our articles. So, keep those eyes peeled and our articles bookmarked!

Yogi 4k Re-Release Collection in 4K

Yogi 4k Re-Release Collection Box Office Earning Worldwide

The Yogi 4k Re-Release Collection in 4K has turned theaters into lively celebration hubs. Folks are flocking to catch this flick on the big screen, giving it a whole new lease of life. While plenty of movies have been getting sequels this year, Yogi took a different route – no remakes, just a grand re-entry. With screens lighting up worldwide, fans are hyped to see how much dough this version is raking in. But hang tight, the worldwide box office earnings for Yogi 4k Re-Release Collection are still under wraps.

Yogi Movie Overview

Now, let’s talk about the movie itself. Yogi boasts an impressive lineup of top-notch actors and actresses, including the charismatic Prabhas, the talented Nayanthara, the veteran Kota Srinivasa Rao, the captivating Pradeep Rawat, the beloved Sarada, and the hilarious TV presenter, Ali. The movie was crafted with a budget of 25 crore, but during its initial release, it didn’t quite hit the bullseye. Now, with a stellar cast and renewed buzz, expectations are high for its second stint at the box office. Eager to know how Yogi is doing today? Hold onto your seats because we’re keeping a watchful eye on social media accounts of Yogi 4k Re-Release Collection and the latest news to serve you with that collection info as soon as it drops.

For those who might not be familiar with Yogi, this movie might’ve gone unnoticed during its first go-around. The soundtrack, composed by an Indo-American music maestro behind hits like Premante Idera, Thammudu, Badri, and Johnny, adds another layer of intrigue to this cinematic tale.

Yogi 4k Movie Re Release Complete Plot and Details

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So, there you have it, the scoop on Yogi’s re-release, its new box office journey, and a touch of behind-the-scenes insight. Stick around, as we’re dedicated to bringing you the freshest updates on this exciting cinematic adventure!

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