Yogi 4K Re-Release

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Yogi 4K Re-Release – Cast and Role

ActorRole Description
PrabhasPlayed Eeswar Chandra Prasad, also known as Yogi.
NayantaraPortrayed Nandini, who is Yogi’s love interest.
Kota Srinivasa RaoTook on the role of Kotayya, the main antagonist.
Pradeep RawatHad a special appearance as Narsing Pahilwan, opposing Kotayya.
SubbarajuActed as Saidulu, Narsing’s brother.
AliBecame Basha, Yogi’s loyal friend.
SharadaBecame Santhamma, Yogi’s caring mother.
Chalapathi RaoPlayed Ram Moorthi, Yogi’s father.
Chandra MohanPortrayed Chandranna, a supporter of Yogi.
Fish VenkatTook the role of one of Yogi’s henchmen, adding toughness.
DevarajContributed to the story with his appearance.
Rajan P. DevPlayed a part in the narrative.
Venu MadhavAdded his touch to the storyline.
M. S. NarayanaBecame a part of the film’s ensemble.
Bandla GaneshContributed to the movie’s ensemble.
Raghu KarumanchiAdded his presence to the story.
Prabhas SreenuPlayed a role in the movie.
UttejTook on various roles, including a Drunkard, adding humor.
Shankar MelkotePortrayed a Journalism Professor, adding educational vibes.
SunilHad a quick cameo as Ramu, adding a fun touch.
Mumaith KhanBrought excitement with the item number “Orori Yogi.”
These actors and actresses made “Yogi 4K Re-Release” a movie full of interesting characters and stories.

Yogi 4K Re-Release – Plot

In this movie, Prabhas played Eeswar Chandra Prasad, is the son of Shantamma (Sharada) and Ram Murthy (Chalapathi Rao). Murthy really wants his son to find a job, but Shantamma spoils Eeswar with love, making him not want to leave their village. Unfortunately, Murthy passes away. To honor his dad’s wish, Eeswar heads to the city to make money, thanks to advice from his friend Basha (Ali), who’s a bit of a pickpocket. However, Eeswar misses meeting Basha.

Now, in Hyderabad, there’s this big shot named Kotayya (Kota Srinivasa Rao) who runs a land mafia, and he seriously doesn’t get along with Narsing Pahilwan (Pradeep Rawat). There’s also Saidulu (Subbaraju), who’s Narsing’s brother. A twist of fate has Eeswar saving Saidulu’s skin when he accidentally stumbles into some trouble with Kotayya. Eeswar lands a gig at a tea stall owned by Chandranna (Chandra Mohan). He’s pulling in some decent cash, buys his mom two gold bangles, and plans to jet out of the city. 

But wait, things take a rough turn. Narsing publicly shames Eeswar for helping Kotayya, even damaging his mom’s gold bangles. That’s it. Eeswar loses it, goes by the name Yogi now, and takes out Narsing. He transforms into the top-notch tough guy of the city. Just as things heat up, Shantamma arrives in the city ’cause Yogi offed Narsing. Kotayya’s trying to recruit Yogi, but that’s a no-go. Chandranna, on the other hand, is all about supporting Yogi’s new path – standing up for the downtrodden against the bullies. 

Yogi’s a nightmare for the bad guys, so Kotayya and Saidulu team up to plot Yogi’s downfall. They try their scheme, but it goes sideways, ending with Yogi taking out Saidulu. Also, there’s Nandini (Nayantara) who’s after Yogi for an interview she needs to do for her studies. Thing is, she ends up falling head over heels for him. Now, even though Yogi and his mom are in the same city, they can’t seem to connect.

Then, finally, Basha lets Yogi know he spotted Shantamma. They head to where she should be, but guess what? Eeswar is now known as Yogi in the city, so Shantamma and Basha don’t find him easily. Shantamma waits near a temple, hoping to see her son. Basha lets her know that Yogi likes visiting this temple on Mondays. But on that particular Monday, Yogi stays away, fearing Saidulu’s crew might come after him. Tragically, Shantamma passes away near the temple, and Basha arranges her funeral.

Here’s where it hits hard: Yogi arrives, not realizing it’s his mother under the cover, and helps with the funeral expenses. He lays flowers on her body, not knowing it’s his own mom’s. Only when they’re moving her to the cremation spot does Yogi figure out the heartbreaking truth. Basha shows up late to explain, but it’s too late. The reality dawns on Yogi when Nandini reveals some belongings that belonged to his mom, who had come to see him.

And that’s how the film wraps up, with an emotional scene that hits you right in the feels.

Yogi 4K Re-Release – Summary

Let’s dive into the world of “Yogi,” a gripping action drama movie from 2007. This flick was directed by the talented V. V. Vinayak and starred the dynamic duo Prabhas and Nayanthara. They’re joined by a bunch of other amazing actors like Ali, Subbaraju, Pradeep Rawat, Sharada, and Kota Srinivasa Rao, who added their own flair to the story.

The music for the film was crafted by Ramana Gogula, the same musical genius who worked on V. V. Vinayak’s previous hit, “Lakshmi.” The tunes were brought to life in places like Canada, Egypt, and Malaysia, adding some international vibes to the mix.

Guess what? “Yogi 4K Re-Release” isn’t just any old movie. It’s a remake of the super successful 2005 Kannada blockbuster, “Jogi,” brought to life by Prem. The movie burst onto the scene on January 12, 2007, showing in a whopping 225 theaters. But here’s the twist: it didn’t do too well at the box office. Yep, it was a bit of a flop.

So there you have it, “Yogi 4K Re-Release” might not have rocked the box office, but it sure had a lot going on behind the scenes and on the screen!

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